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Bagrationi Sparkling Wine Hatboro PA

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Rushland Ridge Winery and Vineyard
(215) 598-0251
2665 Rushland Rd
Rushland, PA
Buckingham Valley Vineyard
(215) 794-7188
Box 371, Rt. 413
Buckingham, PA

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Buckingham Valley Vineyards
(215) 794-7188
1521 Rt 413
Buckingham, PA
Rose Bank Winery
(215) 860-5899
258 Durham Road
Newtown, PA
New Hope Winery
(215) 794-2331
6123 Lower York Rd
New Hope, PA
Boyd'S Cardinal Hollow Winery
W 720 Prospect Ave
North Wales, PA

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Peace Valley Winery
(215) 249-9058
300 Old Limekiln Rd
Chalfont, PA
Rose Bank Winery
(215) 860-5899
258 Durham Rd
Newtown, PA
Crossing Vineyards and Winery
(215) 493-6500
1853 Wrightstown Road
Washington Crossing, PA
Bucks Country Vineyards
(215) 794-7449
R.D. 3, Box 167
New Hope, PA

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New in America: Georgian Sparkling Wine from Bagrationi

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Mike Potashnik Bagrationi 1882 is the best known of Georgian (country, not the state) sparkling wine makers. It used to be that Russia imported a lot of it. But that nasty little war last summer put an end to Russian imports from Georgia, and Bagrationi is now aggressively developing new markets, including the US beginning this year. That’s all to the benefit of the US consumer, who now has the opportunity to taste what most Russians would still like to be drinking.

Georgian Prince Ivane Bagrationi-Mukhraneli began producing sparkling wine in Georgia in 1882 using the méthode Champenoise. Bagrationi is an historic dynasty which ruled the Georgian kingdoms until Russian annexation in the early 19th century. However, Georgian wine-making goes back a long way, eight thousand years by some accounts, and it’s believed the modern word for wine stems from the Georgian word for wine, gvhino.

Bagrationi sparkling wine is made from indigenous grapes—Tsitska, Chinuri, Goruli Mtsvane, Mtsvane Kakhuri and Saperavi—from the best winegrowing regions of Georgia—Kartli, Imereti, and Kakheti. Bagrationi’s tête de cuvée—the 2007 Royal Cuvée—is made from grapes grown in the Kartli region in the Mtkvari River gorge.

The non-vintage Bagrationi sparklers compete very well in flavor and style with Spanish Cava and Italian Prosecco. The vintage wines are more complex and layered and compare favorably with their New World counterparts. In general, these wines are very well made and clean tasting, with medium complexity and a pleasantly dry finish.

Detailed tasting notes on these sparklers follow. For more on sparkling wines generally, consult the i-WineReview Report #14 : The World of Sparkling Wines and Champagne.

Bagrationi NV Classic Brut ($14) 87

This is a very clean sparkling wine made from Chinebuli, Tsitska, and Mtsvane grapes using the méthode Charmat. Lightly aromatic, it has fine bubbles. It is very clean and crisp on the palate, with light green apple flavors. It is light in style, Prosecco-like, and dry, even on the finish.

Bagrationi NV Extra Dry ($14) 87

This is a fairly simple sparkler that despite its name is really quite dry. There are light citrus scents, a creamy mousse, and a slightly off-dry palate with light citrus flavors. It finishes clean and dry. Would make a good, and unique, wedding reception sparkler.

Bagrationi 2007 Reserve Brut ($26) 89


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